Amy Motsinger has been with Burns Mailing & Printing, Inc. since 2005. She was promoted to Mailing manager in 2013. Along with our mailing department staff, she has a great working relationship with the USPS.

“We offer peace of mind to our customers insuring their mailing is cost effective, accurate and delivered on their targeted due date.”
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Direct Mail Services in Knoxville, TN

Direct Mail & Fulfillment

Burns Mailing & Printing, Inc. has a sophisticated and powerful direct mail service that is utilized by companies all over Knoxville and by companies outside of Knoxville. Our fulfillment services enable us to handle all of your business mailing needs, making sure that your printed materials reach their destination, looking professional and making a great impression on your potential clients.

We have a rigorous process for all of our direct mail customers. This process insures the highest quality products, while meeting all compliance requirements. Depending on the size of your direct mail needs, we can save you time on print production and processing and many times we can save our clients on bulk postage.

Along with our process we also help clients such as non-profits on bulk mailing rates, as well as helping you with the application process. We also can help personalize mailings with database services and our ability to merge fields from databases  with each customer’s specific information.

Our Direct Mail Process & Benefits

Below is an overview and explanation of our industry-specific process and some of the highlights of our expert-level direct mail services. If you have any questions about the direct mail process, what you will need to get started, or you need help in any way, please give us a call and one of our helpful staff will walk you through the process.

#1 - Your List

We start with a list that is provided to us by the customer or they can purchase a list based on their demographics or a consumer’s propensity to purchase certain items or services within one year. Demographics can get very specific, such as household income, kids in the household, ages of household member, etc. When it comes to the propensity list, we can target the likelihood that a household member (along with demographics) is likely to purchase anything from furniture, jewelry, and/or any number of thousands of products/services. Taking care of your mailing list is vital to ensuring that your customers continue to receive your mailings. Lists are the cornerstone of a successful mailing campaign and if maintained and kept clean (NCOA updates and undeliverables) can be very beneficial to the overall success of the project(s).

#2 - CASS Certification

Once we have the list we run it through Cass Certification, assigning it a 4 digit at the end of the 5-digit zip code. This 4-digit helps speed up the delivery process.

#3 - National Change of Address

We also process the database through the National Change of Address (NCOA) information through the USPS. This eliminates an undeliverabes (thereby saving money on postage, mail labor and printing) or it replaces a new forwarding address in the final data file used for mailing and gives the customer the forwarding addresses to update their database. Change of addresses are available for the previous 48 months and we encourage our customers to update their databases in-house so they always have the most up to date mailing address.

#4 - Postage

After Cass and NCOA this qualifies our customers with bulk postage amounts equal to half the cost of a first-class postal stamp. And for our non-profit customers, almost 2/3’s the postage cost of a first-class stamp. Also, for our Non-profit customers, if you don’t have non-profit status with the USPS we can help you with the application.

#5 - Small Quantity Mailing

PC Mailings – for smaller quantities we can address the postcards at the same time as printing them speeding up productions times. For larger quantities we can use our high speed inkjet to address them

#6 - Self Mailers

Self-Mailers – along with the high-speed inkjet it also has an inline tabber so that we can inkjet and tab at the same time

#7 - Personalized Letters

When we are provided a properly set-up database we can laser personalize letters to include personalized field like, Dear, donation amounts, date of last service, etc. After a merged proof of the personalized letter is approved by the customer, we can use our high-speed inserting and inkjet that can match the personalized letter to a non-window env and inkjet the recipients address right on the envelope. This inserter is the only one like it in our region and can insert and inkjet up to 10,000 ppm.

#8 - Personalized Letters

Along with having your letter personalized we can also add first class and pre-cancelled stamps to give it a more personalized effect.

#8 - Personalized Letters

Along with having your letter personalized we can also add first class and pre-cancelled stamps to give it a more personalized effect.

#9 - HIPAA Compliance

We are HIPAA Compliant, making us the perfect choice for medical practices, health and wellness organizations, attorneys, and anyone else whose industry requires client confidentiality.

#10 - Geo-Coding

Geo-coding is being able to pair the recipients address with the nearest location of a branch or office.

Ready to Get Started With Direct Mail?

We understand  that direct mail and fulfillment can seem overwhelming, but the team at Burns Mailing & Printing are here to make the process as quick and easy as possible and to make the whole process run smoothly for your business. We will handle all of your direct mail and fulfillment needs, taking the strenuous burden away from your team using our advanced technology and years of expertise. Click the button below to reach out to one of our helpful staff members and we will put together a free quote for your next direct mail project.